USB-C VR Adapter

  • Oculus Ready (Oculus Rift)
  • Effortlessly Connect
  • 8 feet / 2.5 meters extended freedom
  • Seamless immersion and ultimate Virtual Reality experience
  • Also compatible with HTC Vive, Samsung Odyssey Plus, HP WMR, Acer WMR, Asus WMR, Dell Visor, Lenovo Explorer, and other Windows Mixed Reality headsets.
  • Works best with NVIDIA RTX GPUs
  • Laptops must be equipped with USB-C (DisplayPort Alt-mode) port that supports NVIDIA GTX 970 graphic card equivalent or greater
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Effortlessly connect Virtual Reality Headset to PC for the Ultimate VR experience

Accell USB-C VR Adapter is created for Oculus™ Rift to provide easy connection with its USB-A and HDMI receptacles. The adapter combines two sources into one single powerful USB-C plug, providing power, vibrant display, bandwidth and everything you need to enjoy VR applications.

8 Feet Extension Cable for Seamless Immersion

This adapter further extends Oculus Rift 13 feet cable by another 8 feet / 2.5 meters, providing freedom of movement in a typical 8x8 ft room environment for the true immersion of virtual reality.

Minimum Requirement for Virtual Reality Headset

Host machines must be equipped with USB-C (DisplayPort Alt-mode) port that supports NVIDIA GTX 970 graphic card equivalent or greater.  Driver version 416.81

Operating System: Windows 10, version 1809, build version 17763.253.

Recommended Graphic Cards for Virtual Reality Headset

NVIDIA RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, 2080 Ti

Laptop (with USB-C DisplayPort Alt-mode output from NVIDIA GPUs)
NVIDIA GTX 980, 980 Ti, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1080 Ti, Titan, Titan X, Titan Z
Tested compatible laptops: Lenovo Y520, Y530


What does the Oculus Ready sticker mean?
The “Oculus Ready” sticker means that this product is an Oculus certified third-party accessory that the compatibility is assured with known and tested peripherals. Accell has worked with Oculus and this product has been certified as Oculus Ready.

Will this adapter work with my computer for Virtual Reality applications?
For desktops, this adapter requires NVIDIA RTX graphics cards 2060, 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti for VR applications. For laptops, users must check if the USB-C port supports DisplayPort Alt-mode and is connected to NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card equivalent or higher. Please refer to your VR headset manufacturers site for recommended system specifications.

Does this require a USB-C port on a video card, or can it function from any USB Type C connector with DisplayPort alt-mode?
To use VR applications with this adapter, users must plug the USB-C connector directly to the NVIDIA graphics card that supports DisplayPort Alt-mode. Please refer to your VR headset manufacturers site for recommended system specifications for video/graphics cards.

Does this product use VirtualLink Technology?
This adapter does not use VirtualLink technology but is compatible and works best with NVIDIA Graphics Cards powered by NVIDIA GPU architecture and the RTX platform.

Why am I seeing black screen or flickering display when connected through the VR adapter?
Please first make sure your computer operating system, GPU driver, and the VR headset driver are updated to the latest version.
If updating the drivers does not resolve the video issue, please visit the link below to download the latest firmware update:
Firmware update tool
Download all 3 files into the same location and follow the "update tool steps.pdf" for instructions. During the update, please remove all video outputs but Accell adapter from your desktop. Your monitor should be connected to Accell adapter which plugs into the USB-C port on your GPU.

Will this adapter work with VR headsets other than Oculus Rift?
This adapter is tested and certified to work with Oculus Rift. Other VR headsets may be compatible if having similar requirement but the configuration is not guaranteed to function properly.

Will this adapter work with Oculus Rift S?
The Oculus Rift S uses Displayport for video output, thus this adapter will not work with Oculus Rift S.

Why does it show the VR headset connected as a USB 2.1 device when I plug my VR headset into this adapter?
The ACCELL VR Adapter can support up to USB 3.0 throughput but does not amplify or improve the throughput from the attached peripheral devices. The connection you see is the VR headset connection speed and is not determined by the adapter.

Data Sheet: J231C-008B-3_data_sheet

Firmware update: 0b3e

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Warning using this product may be harmful under California 65WARNING: This product may expose chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) that is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, please go to


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