Infrared Receiver (IR RX)

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Infrared Receiver (IR RX) - For use with select Accell HDMI signal distribution products

The Infrared Receiver (IR RX) receives a remote control command signal from your remote control. Supporting dual band frequencies, the IR Receiver is compatible with most every remote control.

Infrared Receiver (IR RX)

The Accell Infrared Receiver (IR RX) is offered for use with specific Accell signal distribution systems or as a replacement to a damaged or lost IR Receiver in your IR over HDMI Adapter Kit.

Use the IR Receiver to extend the IR capability of your Accell HDMI distribution system and its remote control.

For control of your video source from the location of the display, use the IR Receiver (B164B-002B) with an optional IR Adapter (B164B-004B) on the display side of the HDMI cable. Run an IR Transmitter (B164B-003B) from the Accell distribution system pointed at the video source. Now you can transmit an IR signal from the location of your display, through the displays HDMI cable and into an Accell HDMI distribution system. From the distribution system, the IR signal passes through the optional IR Transmitter (B164B-003B) sending the IR remote command in the direction of the source devices infrared receiver. Now you can control a video source from a remote location by sending its remote control IR signal over your HDTV's existing HDMI cable.

It's easy to set up. Plug the adapter into the display end of your existing HDMI cable. Plug an optional IR Receiver cable into the 3.5mm jack found on the IR Adapter. From your Accell distribution system, run the IR transmitter from the IR port and point it at the IR eye of your source device. This IR Receiver is dual-band compatible supporting IR signals from both IR bands (33KHz-60KHz).

IR Control with your Accell HDMI Splitter or Matrix

Use your existing HDMI cable, an optional IR Adapter, IR Transmitter and IR Receiver with your Accell signal distribution system to carry the IR signal over the length of the HDMI cable providing control of your audio or video source using the source device's remote.

Use the IR Adapter and other optional accessories with your Accell HDMI distribution system to control a video source from a remote location by sending its remote control IR signal over your HDTV's existing HDMI cable. This adapter works with an Accell distribution system or as a replacement adapter in an IR Adapter Kit.

  • 33kHz to 60kHz dual band receiver covers all common IR frequencies
  • Includes double sided tape for mounting into place

Included with IR Receiver

  • IR Receiver - 48" long cable - 3.5mm plug
  • Double sided tape

For use with these Accell HDMI Distribution Systems

1x4 HDMI Splitter K078C-006B
1x8 HDMI Splitter K078C-007B
2x4 HDMI Matrix K072C-011B
4x2 HDMI Matrix K072C-012B
4x4 HDMI Matrix K072C-013B
1x4 HDMI HDBaseT Matrix K078C-008B
4x4 HDMI HDBaseT Matrix K072C-014B

Warranty: 2-Year Replacement

Warning using this product may be harmful under California 65WARNING: This product may expose chemical such as Bisphenol A (BPA) that is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. For more information, please go to


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