Counterfeit Product

Companies worldwide are increasingly seeing counterfeits of their products and illicit use of their brand. Counterfeiters profit from copying successful products made by popular brands without investing in the development, testing and marketing of the product. Normally these products are made of lesser quality of materials and manufacturing. In order to protect you as a consumer from the deception of counterfeit goods, and to maintain the Accell brand, we are vigilant in our pursuit of resellers of counterfeit Accell product.

Counterfeit Product Alert:
Product: Accell UltraAV DisplayPort to VGA Active Adapter
Part Number: B101B-003B & B101B-003B-2.
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How to avoid the purchase of counterfeit Accell products
The best way of avoiding the purchase of a counterfeit product is to buy from an Accell authorized reseller. To find Accell resellers, please click here. Otherwise, ensure the retailer you are purchasing from is established. Purchasing product through an internet auction or from an unknown online reseller may provide exposure to risk. Another warning sign is to beware of products being offered at an extraordinarily low price as compared to other resellers of the same product.

How to spot a counterfeit product
Counterfeiters may attempt to make it difficult to visually distinguish a counterfeit product from the original. In some case, they do not and these are the easiest to identify. Accell products are branded with either Accell logos and/or an Accell labeling and often have a unique look that makes them difficult to switch with a generic product. Compare the product picture on the website to your product.

Steps to take if you have purchased a counterfeit Accell product
If you have purchased a counterfeit product, please return it to the reseller for a refund. These products are often of poor quality and may not work correctly or meet the high quality you expect. We are unable to service counterfeit products and support the warranty you may have received from the reseller. Counterfeit products are not covered by Accell's manufacturer's warranty. Alert us to counterfeit Accell products. Accell is focused on preventing sales of counterfeit products.

If you believe you may have purchased a counterfeit product or believe someone is selling counterfeit Accell products, please notify us


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